How are we in November already? It’s nearly the end of the year and I’m sure if you’re anything like me there’s loads of things on your personal 2018 to do list that you just haven’t gotten around to do yet and what with all the Christmas decorations now out in the stores it won’t be long before we’re kissing 2018 away and welcoming in 2019!

So what can you do in this month of November that’s all about YOU? Now really is the perfect time to book a wardrobe styling session. We are well and truly into autumn and I’m sure your winter coats, boots and knitwear are making their way to the front of your wardrobe after being pushed to the back during the glorious summer we’ve just had.

How do you feel when you look at them? Excited to wear them again or overwhelmed with the amount of ‘winter’ clothes you have that you just don’t wear? Are you wearing 80% of your winter clothes 20% of the time? Well then it’s definitely time to let a Wardrobe Stylist come in and get you ready for the long winter months ahead. Let’s face it with it being so dark when most of us get up and get ready for work the last thing you enjoy doing is rummaging through shelves of woolen jumpers in the dark just to wear the same polo neck and skinny’s because it’s simply the only practical and easy outfit to find amongst all the mess?

Wouldn’t you love to wake up and open your wardrobe and see everything is in it’s right place and that there are lots of options to wear to work and then dress up for an evening out? With the party season just a month away wouldn’t you love some real and honest advice on whether that LBD really does suit you or if it’s time to let it go?

A Style ME Wardrobe Stylist will firstly get a good understanding of your lifestyle and will follow that with a body shape analysis to let you know once and for all if that oversized poncho or the faux fur gilet ever suited you or if you need to kindly donate it to charity. She’ll look at your ‘summer’ clothes and advise on which you can still wear this winter with just a change of shoes and hosiery.

In short she will build you a capsule wardrobe, clothes you can mix and match, wear from season to season, day to night that all suit you and the best part; clothes that always will. She’ll advise on which clothes can be altered and revamped so don’t fear that she’ll be making you bin everything, because even though she’s here to create you some space and save you time she’s also here to save you money! If there are some key pieces missing in your winter wardrobe she’ll advise you on exactly what style to buy and if you get your ‘colours’ done in what colour too so you’ll never make a fashion faux pas again!

Sounds great? Get 25% off a wardrobe styling session for the month of November. Contact