When you sit on a makeup artist’s chair, you’re confident that they know what they’re doing, not only in their application skills, but in their colour choices too, right? Well, what if I told you, I’ve trained so many makeup artists on my Train to be a Colour Analyst course and so often, they realise they’ve been choosing the wrong colours for themselves, let alone their clients.

Don’t get me wrong, they look great and so confident in the makeup they arrive in, and are pretty determined to tell me, they know their most flattering colours… that is until we do their colours via a Colour Analysis session, with specially selected colour drapes, that they realise, there’s a whole other palette or choice of colours that works even better for them!

It’s not their fault of course, they just weren’t trained on Colour Analysis during their makeup training. Instead to work out their skin undertone they went on trial and error, very often coming to the wrong conclusion.

The point I’m making is, the only way to know your most flattering colours is via a Colour Analysis session. More specifically what you really want to find out is your skin undertone, trust me, warm and cool undertones couldn’t be more worlds apart!

Once you know what your undertone is, you can go to any makeup artist or hairdresser and let them know your season and from there you both can select your perfect shades, especially when it comes to foundation. The wrong shade of foundation can age you, make you look grey or yellow or washed out, which surely defeats the whole point of wearing makeup!

This is why so many makeup artists are now looking to add Colour Analysis to their skillset. it saves both them and their clients time and money. If you want to do the same, book a colour analysis session prior to buying new makeup or choose a makeup artist who will add a colour analysis session into your makeup session or tutorial, you won’t regret it!

Nisha x

“Prior to becoming a Personal stylist and Colour Analyst I was very confident in my colour choices. I have a background in Art and Design and in using and applying makeup. I always categorised myself as a ‘Spring’ sporting out all the all the neons, golds and corals with confidence.

People always commented on how great my outfit choices were and, on the makeup, I used to wear, it wasn’t until I opted for the Colour Analysis training with Nisha that I came to realise I was actually a Summer and should have been wearing more muted pastels pinks and silvers and in fact had it totally wrong in terms of my true colours! Since this revelation I’ve had even more compliments about my appearance being more youthful, radiant and looking generally healthier.

If you’re in any doubt about getting your colours done even if you feel confident in your colour choices (like I was) you too could be getting your colours wrong. I haven’t looked back since and now appreciate how life changing wearing the right colours can be.” Hannah

SUMMER                                            SPRING