Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis: Can the right colours make me feel beautiful?

If by beautiful you mean having a radiant, healthier and youthful complexion then absolutely! Image consultants from companies such as Colour Me Beautiful have been finding men and women their range of most flattering colours for decades. What started as a tool to find executives the right colours ‘to close a deal’ or ‘make a great first impression’ soon became a household craze of the 80’s. Colour Analysis became a hit and women simply wouldn’t shop without their trusted colour swatch booklet especially if they wanted to create a head to toe matching look. Things have changed a lot since then; for one Image Consultants are slowly being replaced by Personal Stylists who have a more contemporary approach, helping their clients look effortlessly stylish with their choice of colours rather than looking as if they’ve ‘had their colours done’.
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“The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you…”

How does it work?

During your session we’ll work together using specially selected drapes to determine which colours harmonise with and enhance your natural skin tones, finding you your range of flattering colours for your hair, make-up and clothes.

Style ME Academy Styling
Style ME Academy Styling

What are the lasting effects of getting my colours done?

You will:

  • Learn to look your best all the time – even with no make-up on.
  • Wear your chosen colours with confidence – as you KNOW they suit you.
  • Know the right colours to raise your visibility especially at work and on special occasions, taking out the guess work!
  • Remove any expensive colour mistakes from future purchases.
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You’ll be enlightened when we show you the instant negative and positive affect different colours can have on your appearance.

We promise to leave you feeling positive and confident about which colours enhance your natural beauty and which colours you should avoid; and we’ll definitely give you an alternative to black, no expensive age defying creams needed!


Costs: £150

Session lasts a maximum of 2 hours.

Session can be carried out at our London premises or at your own home.

Style ME Academy Styling

FREE MAC Red Lipstick!

Because we want our clients to feel excited the moment they leave us, they no longer have to go to their nearest MAC store, Style ME are now offering every client who purchases a colour analysis session (at full price) a FREE, yes FREE MAC red lipstick in their perfect shade worth £17.50!

If you’ve ever been to a MAC counter you’ll know there are so many shades to choose from and with the ultra glam make up artists it can often be an intimidating experience just to ask for guidance.

Free MAC Red lipstick

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