Wardrobe Styling

Wardrobe Styling: Get help and advice on your existing wardrobe.

Do you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time? So many of us have outfits in our wardrobes that we just don’t wear or have bought on impulse and have never worn.

“Style is not about how many clothes you have but how you wear them…”

How does Wardrobe Styling work?

Your Personal Stylist will:

  • Identify your body shape and teach you the key rules on how to dress for your individual shape
  • Show you what’s working in your existing wardrobe, what’s no longer suitable but most importantly explain why
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  • Show you how to put together new looks with your existing clothes.
  • Advise on which items can be altered or re-vamped.
  • Help you create a Capsule Wardrobe which are ‘key pieces that create multiple looks for work, weekend and evening wear. Items that can be dressed up and dressed down, from season to season.’
  • Leave you with an organised and uncluttered wardrobe space.
  • Sessions are carried out at clients home or virtually via Skype.
Style ME Academy Styling
Style ME Academy Styling

I’m a bit nervous about having a trained stylist look at my wardrobe, should I be?

We are not here to judge your clothes and we would be out of a job if everyone got their personal style to a fine art! However, you can expect us to be totally honest with you, but in a tactful manner as we can appreciate certain items in your wardrobe are of emotional attachment.


Costs: £150.

Session lasts a maximum of 2 hours.

Session can be carried out at your home or virtually via Zoom/ Skype.

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