“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered…”

” I found Style ME because I was returning to work after year off on maternity leave and the thought of getting back to work with existing work wear was freaking me out! As I hadn’t managed to shift the baby weight as I had hoped I couldn’t go back to the old work clothes and it felt like my whole body shape had changed. Nisha didn’t seemed to mind that I had a small budget and found me clothes and built me a Capsule Wardrobe. I must say my confidence grew once I realised that there are some great clothes on the high street and Nisha showed me how to make the most per wear…so I feel like I’ve saved time and money using Style ME.”

Suzi Adams

PR Manager

” I had put on a lot of weight after being on steroids for an illness, and as much as I needed a confident boost and wanted to treat myself to new clothes, I just didnt want to shop until I’d lost the weight. My stylist was so understanding and told me she would guarantee that she’d make me look slimmer instantly without having to hit the gym.. and she was right! I instantly looked better and it kicked started the ‘new me’ I stopped focusing on my flaws as they were no longer on show and instead wore clothes that highlighted my legs – such a great confidence boost. My friends and family immediately noticed I’d got my mojo back and I have been singing Nisha’s praise’s ever since!”

Claire Roberts


” I’m that woman who hates shopping, always have done, my sister bought me the colour analysis as a gift and I was so excited to go and try new colours but had no idea where to start. From the moment I met Nisha I knew I was in safe hands. She was amazing and knew exactly where to find stuff in her little black book and so quickly (we were done in 2 hours) it was a real pretty woman moment for me! I think the best things she’s left me is the ‘rules’ on how to dress my shape so I can easily do it without her next time, I’m actually looking forward to shopping for a change!”

Nicola Stevens


“My wife had recently had a personal shopping day with Style ME and I have to say I was so impressed with the results of firstly all the new found space in my wife’s wardrobe and the fact she was no longer panicking on what to wear despite having 2 wardrobes full of clothes! When my wife insisted I have a session with her too but I have to admit I was apprehensive that she’d make me look too trendy. However I found Nisha very efficient, she insisted on colour analysis to determine colours for suits and shirts, I liked the fact there was a real science behind it which definitely impressed me. I managed to finally enjoy the shopping experience of finding work and casual items and felt it was money well spent, I would say she definitely knows her craft.”

James Hall

Managing Director

“I was looking for a dress for my 40th birthday party and had a nice budget set aside so I booked a session with Style ME. Getting my colours done was a revelation, and the best part was getting to wearing red lipstick for the 1st time in 40 years. It was the perfect red for me and went amazingly well with the bright blue dress we found, it was so different from the black everyone was expecting me to turn up in and I felt like a million dollars and actually looked and felt younger, who would have thought, thank you Style ME!”

Stephanie Long


” I found Style ME after a recommendation from an ex-colleague. I wasn’t having much luck with my interviews and my recruitment agency said it could be to do with the clothes I was wearing. I was a little hurt that my CV wasn’t enough to get me the job but was also desperate to try anything, so I called Style ME and had a coffee with my stylist and she totally put me at ease. I was grateful she didn’t put my existing wardrobe down, she just subtly suggested we bought some new clothes. I was reluctant to throw anything away as for some reason I seem to have a lot of emotional attachment to most of my wardrobe but honestly the moment I bought new clothes that fitted me perfectly and suited my new lifestyle I was overwhelmed, amazing and funny at the same time, the old clothes have now gone and I’m loving my new look, oh and my new ‘interview outfit’ nailed me my dream job!! thank you Nisha!!”

Louise Chapman

Event Manager

“I have always known what I like from my clothing and style, but I know that I didn’t always get it right. Given that I work for myself, I need to walk into offices, boardrooms and agencies with confidence. Clothing helps, but I have realised the right colours, do a lot of the hard work for me too.

Then I came across ’Style ME’ and realised what was missing! So, I booked up a Colour Analysis session and it was the smartest decision ever, why had I waited so long? Nisha was so lovely and put me at ease as she took me through the various seasons. And, to my surprise, I was not a winter (which was my default) which emphasised colours I prefer.

When Nisha said ’So, you are definitely a Cool, Muted, Summer’ I almost panicked ? but fear not, when I saw the colours and how they affected my complexion I was amazed…and I still had colours that I loved, phew! All, I can say to anyone considering having a Colour Analysis session is…do it today! I have had so many compliments since I have been dressing in the right colours…it’s a no brainer! I feel more confident in my purchases and have cut down the time it takes when shopping, as I know what colours to dismiss.

Once I knew my colours, I was then rearing to go out and get a new wardrobe. Nisha and I met one Friday and hit the shops. We worked together to ensure to maintain my personal sense of style and enhance it now with the correct colours and cut. I had a blast, laughed and learned a lot. We had a fun day. Nisha listens and interprets style so well and has shown me how to shop properly.

Thank you again Nisha, what a great day! I loved the whole experience and I’m now embracing my ‘cool, muted, summer’ palette and my petite Hourglass frame. “