So, it’s Valentine’s Day this week, and it’s no surprise that these past couple of weeks I’ve had a few men booking Personal Styling packages for their wives or girlfriends. How thoughtful or sweet you might be thinking to yourself. But sadly, more often than not, the man is usually booking a package because he’s frustrated that she’s let herself go, (their words not mine!)

He’ll say something like, “She used to dress great, she’d be up for date night, but now she just hanging around in her gym gear or out of shape loungewear, don’t get me wrong, I love her to bits, but she’s kind of given up on making an effort…”

One part of me is usually angry at the guy thinking, why should she have to make an effort? you should love her just as she is… but the other part of me can’t wait to get my hands on her so I can use my magic wand to bring back her mojo!

These are the 5 simple steps I use.

  1. Doing a Colour Analysis session is always the start of building someone’s confidence up. Seeing how the right colours instantly makes her look younger and radiant, reminds her just how beautiful she is naturally.
  2. Do a Body Shape consultation to show her just how sexy she is. Women are so focused on their flaws, which of course the wrong style of clothes will only exaggerate. Every body shape I don’t care how old or what size has its assets, it could be the bust, or the waist, or the slender arms or great legs or even the collar bone. By me choosing clothes that will highlight the assets and disguise the flaws is where my magic wand does wonders for their self-esteem.
  3. Buy her the correct underwear. Most often when I meet the wife or girlfriend, she’s wearing an old un-supporting bra, or she’ll justify her sports bra by saying I’ve got small boobs, so I don’t need to wear a bra! Ladies please, your underwear is your foundation, you will feel as sexy as your underwear drawer so clear it out and buy the right styles to support you, it will be the best investment you can make!
  4. Do a make-up overhaul. This does not mean spending lots of time and money on a new look, but it does mean wear some! (even if it’s a lip gloss). By knowing their correct colours from the Colour Analysis session, I boost them to put on a simple smoky eye or a red lip (in the correct shades) which does wonders to enhance their femineity.
  5. Book a hairdresser’s appointment. By knowing their skin undertone, a trip to the hairdressers to get the right shade of highlights will instantly make them look younger and feel fantastic.

And as they see their reflection, as they’re sitting in that chair with the right flattering clothes and makeup on, I can see them beaming, realising they had it in them all along. The mojo just needed a helping hand to be released! I know she feels great, and I also know the thank you call from her husband or boyfriend will follow soon…

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you want a helping hand with your mojo, please get in touch.

Nisha x