Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping: Get help and advice on what clothes to buy that are perfect for you!

Our main objective is to get you new items that make you look and feel great; that are perfect for your shape, colour, and lifestyle all within your desired budget no matter what your age or size.

“It’s not about the size you wear but the way you wear your size…”

How does Personal Shopping work?

  • We will have a clear understanding of your requirements and brief, only when we’ve built your trust will we hit the shops.
  • Together we’ll spend a fun day at the shops. You’ll feel pampered and totally at ease, it will be like shopping with a friend but, rather than those days where you end up buying the same outfits as always, we’ll be encouraging you to try on clothes you wouldn’t normally wear. Persuasively though, not in an intimidating way.
  • If an in-store shop experience is inconvenient, we’ll do a Virtual shop for you, selecting you clothes that are available for you to purchase online or in-store in your own time.
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  • We’ll teach you key styling rules as we go along, so that in future you can confidently shop without a stylist.
  • Your special day can take place in any town or street you want. We prefer London, although we can happily take on national or international assignments.
  • We would have already searched the shops before your shopping trip so we’re already aware of what’s out there in both the high street and designer stores.
  • We’ll save you time, easing the frustration created from rummaging through shelves and rails. Unlike personal shoppers in department stores, we don’t work on commission so have no alliances to any particular stores.
  • No budget is too small – it’s our job to find you the right clothes within your price range.
  • By the end of the day, you’ll be the proud owner of some fabulous new clothes and we’ll end the day with a drink to celebrate the new you.
Style ME Academy Styling
Style ME Academy Styling



Maybe you’re bored of the same routine or want a new seasonal look or you’ve never worn make- up before.

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We’ll find the right make- up artist for you at the town we’re shopping in and find a brand suitable for your budget and style. We recommend getting your make up session booked in once we know your colour palette…knowing what lipstick/eyeshadow shade is the most flattering for you really is the icing on the cake!


We will research a stylist suitable to you in terms of location and price and can recommend a style or cut that will flatter you.

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Usually the styling takes place on the same day as the shopping trip; however this can be arranged for a separate day.

We will research a stylist suitable to you in terms of location and price and can recommend a style or cut that will flatter you. 


Costs: £300
Session lasts a maximum of four hours

Costs: £250 for Shop and Deliver
We shop for you and hand deliver your clothes so you can try them on in the luxury of your own home.

Or try: Virtual Styling

Style ME Academy Styling

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