So, we’ve all over indulged over the Christmas and festive period and I guess the scales are a reminder of the good times we’ve had, but now I’m sure many of you are on some diet or the other, and combine this with a New Year, New You attitude I’m sure you have a goal to lose some weight, and to look slimmer.

What if I told you though, you could instantly look slimmer without any diet whatsoever, just by booking a Personal Styling package. I can’t tell you how many people I meet that say to me, “I’ll book you, when I’ve lost some weight.” What they don’t realise is, Personal Styling is the quickest way to look slimmer:

Colour Analysis: Like magic, knowing and wearing your colours will instantly slim down a bloated face, your features become more defined, your jawline looks firmer, and cheekbones look lifted, resulting in a slimmer face.

Wardrobe Styling: Your Personal Stylist will edit out the styles that don’t flatter your body shape and will help you create a balanced Capsule Wardrobe, removing items that were never going to work for you even if you do lose the weight.

Personal Shopping: Based on what’s missing from your existing wardrobe, no matter what your budget, your Personal Stylist will buy you items that work their magic: hiding your flaws, drawing attention to your assets, and creating a balanced slimmer silhouette.

Getting dressed every morning, you’ll feel great, and wont even notice any weight gain and like magic, again because you’re not focusing on your flaws, any excess weight soon drops off because you’re not dwelling on it or punishing yourself, instead getting out there and walking around with a spring in your step!

Enquire now and quote New Year, New ME to get a 20% discount on our Personal Styling Packages.

Nisha x