Why do we spend our money and time on expensive facials and face creams? To get radiant youthful skin right? Now what would you do if I told you I had a far cheaper solution and you only need to have it done once in your life time? That miracle age defying solution is: Colour Analysis.

Working out what your most flattering colours are during a colour analysis session with the help of carefully selected drapes and then going on to wear those colours, be it with your clothes, make up or hair dye will guarantee to:

  • Even out skin tone
  • Diminishes lines, blemishes and dark circles
  • Help the complexion to look more radiant
  • Bring definition to the features
  • Firm the face and jawline
  • Impart a general look of well being

Which all contribute to you looking younger!

So at what age do we need this miracle? Well it depends on what we’re trying to eliminate. If it’s wrinkles and lines, then they generally arrive by our late 20’s and early thirties, so that’s the time to book a session. Of course the later you leave it; your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc. the more it’s needed but the greater the gasp will be when you see yourself in the right colours vs. the wrong colours and you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t do it sooner!

What about uneven skin tone though and dark circles; do they only arrive as we get older or are we prone to get them from an early age? I personally have suffered from dark circles since I was a teenager and how many of you at a younger age suffered from uneven skin tone due to breakouts?

What happens is, when you wear your most flattering colours, your actual features stand out more, your eyes look brighter, your lips look pinker, your jawline looks firmer so even if you’ve got dark circles you’ll notice them far less because your features will be what you’re drawing attention to in your flattering colours. By wearing the wrong colours, your skin will look dull; often a jaundice or a grey colour so if you suffer from uneven skin tone this too will only get exaggerated!

What about the mums who have their colours done, are over joyed by the miraculous results and then bring their 12 and 13 year olds to get their colours done? Is that really necessary, surely your teens are the time you’re meant to experiment with colour and fashion and get it wrong? Well I used to be of that mindset. I often found the mums that bought their young girls to a session to be a little pushy as if they wanted their children to be perfect…. That was until I spent some time with my young nieces and realized most of their free time is spent watching Youtube videos on makeup tutorials and fashion. They’re growing up in a far more image conscious era than I did especially with all the social media influences.

As a lot of the mums rationalise “sooner or later she’s going to be wearing make up and as I’m the one paying for all these new clothes and makeup I just want to make sure she/ he gets it right.” Young people have so much more competition now and are under so much more pressure to fit in so the biggest thing anyone will gain by doing their colours it doesn’t matter what their age – is CONFIDENCE.

So whether you’re a 13 year old looking to buy your first foundation, a 16 year old buying a prom dress, a 21 year old buying your first suit for an interview, a 30 year old buying your first hair dye to cover those greys or a 50 year old desperate to reduce those fine lines just know that you’ll leave your colour analysis session with a massive smile on your face as from then on, you’ll KNOW exactly what suit you, what colours to avoid and the best part is that these colours will remain your most flattering for life, so you’ll feel confident to invest in them. So my advice would now be the sooner you get your colours done the better!