Have you ever Googled the above title? Well I did today and was quite surprised with the results. Firstly there are endless articles related to the subject (which tells me; ‘looking younger’ is a very popular subject indeed) and secondly I couldn’t actually believe some of the rubbish I was reading. I was expecting to read the usual advice: drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, get lots of sleep, eat more foods rich in antioxidants but instead I was offered some very strange advice: wear exfoliating socks, curl your eyelashes, double up on mascara and wear rings and nail polish!?

Strange as these examples are, it’s the blatant product placement opportunities that offended me most: Get a Vaishaly Signature Facial (prices from £100), use a Laura Mercier Primer and wear a Grapefruit Fragrance (of course they recommend Jo Malone!) This I’m afraid is the problem with articles in beauty magazines, no one is telling you the truth, as ultimately all they are there to do is plug new beauty products!

Of course I’m not naïve to this but what I was surprised to see there was no mention on any of the top 25 let alone the top 10 or top 5 lists the importance of ‘wearing your colours’. As a Personal Stylist who’s probably done around a thousand women’s ‘colours’ take it from me, the number 1 tip to look younger (without surgery) is ‘Wear your Colours’! When you start wearing your range of your most flattering colours you will instantly look younger, more radiant and healthier.

If you’re not convinced, just know that wearing the wrong colours will cast shadows onto the face, exaggerate uneven skin tones, accentuate lines, blemishes and dark circles, make your complexion look dull, tired, drained, washed out, flat, grubby or sallow and your bone structure and features will become less defined. These are all the areas, I’m sure you agree that make you look older!

So how does it work? Your personal stylist will use specially selected drapes and through the process of elimination will determine which season’s palette you fall under: Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring. Each of these season’s palettes has around 35 colours and these become your perfect colours; perfect for your hair, make-up, clothes and accessories. Together you and your stylist will look for the colours that don’t detract from you and seem almost like a natural extension of you. Simply put, the defining drapes communicate whether the colour season is working for or against you.

By wearing your right colours you will learn to look your best all of all the time, even with no make-up on, you’ll wear your chosen colours with confidence because you know they suit you, you’ll learn how to confidently colour block, you’ll discover new and interesting colour combinations and you’ll remove any expensive colour mistakes from future purchases! What’s not to love?

So before you rush to book your next (expensive) facial or worse consider getting a mini face-lift I insist you get your colours done! Remember you only need to get your colours done once in your lifetime so the sooner you get them done the better. Just don’t be surprised when your friends and family start noticing the change in you, asking you “what’s your beauty secret?”

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