We get so many clients wanting to know their colours and it’s normally just out of curiosity and they are not really sure what it’s going to actually do for them.

We’re not surprised at all to realise that most people haven’t thought about the long list of things wearing the right colours can actually do for you.

Wearing black when it’s not your colour? Totally ageing.

Wearing a colour that’s too dark for you? This will cause shadows to appear on your face.

Wearing a colour that’s too bright for you? This will totally wash you out.

But a surprising one and one we see all too often is what happens when you wear a colour with a warm undertone when you have a cool undertone…your face will look chubby.

It happened recently with our lovely client Keda who booked a colour analysis session with us as she wanted to feel better about herself. She’d recently put on a bit of weight so armed with knowing her colours she was hoping to feel better about buying new clothes.

The first obvious thing with Keda was that her coloured hair colour was standing out and seemed to be wearing her. True enough, when we did her colours it was instantly clear that her facial definition was there when we put the cool colours against her face but the warm colours made her face look so much softer. She was delighted to learn that without having to spend loads of money on make up or contouring, just by simply wearing the right colours all your best features can come through.

The best thing about colour analysis and what it offers up is not just what colours should be hanging in your wardrobe. Getting your clothes right is usually the first thing clients want to do when they learn all the gorgeous colours in their seasons. Armed with their swatch book they hit the stores and can’t wait to tell us when they’ve found their perfect ‘Autumn’ red or ‘Summer’ blue.

But the first thing that really needs to be addressed is what you colour you present by your face and that’s your make up.

So, if you’ve found out you’re a cool winter like Keda, you can bring out that definition even more by wearing the right eye make-up and lip colour.

Back to hair, you remember her hair colour seemed to be wearing her? Well it was because she had gone away from her cool brown to a warm blonde. Changing from Brunette to Blonde is absolutely fine but you still have to go for a cool or warm undertone in that colour range.

It’s so easy when you know!

So, to re-cap. Getting your colours done can make you look slimmer as you will highlight your best facial features and definition but you will need to address not only the fashion that you wear but you hair and make-up choices too.


Why not book in for a Colour Analysis session with a Style ME Stylist today?