As a Personal Stylist and Trainer, I guess I’m expected to look a certain way; walk the talk you might say. That of course means wearing my ‘colours’ and wearing clothes that flatter my shape. But to me, it also means looking well groomed; getting my nails done, eyebrows threaded and monthly visits to the hairdressers. So I have to say when the news of lockdown came I was secretly relieved! This meant I could let it all go, I could live make up free, hair in a bun and slouch around in my leggings. The pressure was off and it felt so liberating! Like so many women who were in a similar situation to me, I did the maths and realised just how much my self-maintenance had been costing me; not only in money but in time too…

I presumed because I was roaming around the house embracing my natural beauty (avoiding mirrors I might add), others were doing the same. It came as a bit of a surprise to me then, when requests started coming in for me to virtual style clients for lockdown looks; aka loungewear. I forgot people still had lives! Partners to impress, walk in the park dates, Zoom calls, House Parties and let’s not to forget those virtual dates! People still wanted to look their best and our services were being called upon, all be it virtually.

Luckily I’ve been virtual styling clients for years; it’s simple when you have a unique styling formula like we do at Style ME. To me it makes no difference if I’m styling a client in store or virtually, the results are always the same and the client is always thrilled.
In some ways it’s even better:

1) No queues in stores
2) No travel time or costs
3) More choice of brands

The process is simple:

1) Together we work out your brief, budget & body shape.
2) I research your brief and send you a look book placing items into a virtual shopping basket from your favourite brands.
3) You order what you like, trusting they will all fit you perfectly with your own credit card!

With prices starting from just £50 what’s not to love!

Take a look at our virtual shopping page for more information.

Virtual Styling Lockdown Video