Well it looks like Spring is finally here, or judging by the weather this week, we’ve skipped Spring and gone straight to Summer J If you’re anything like me, I’ve been obsessed with clearing things out these past couple of weeks, not just in my wardrobe but in my bathroom cupboard and kitchen cupboards too. Spring is a time for fresh starts and in order to bring in the new you simply must clear out the old, right?

Of course as a Wardrobe Stylist I’m a proud owner of a capsule wardrobe, so my wardrobe consists of clothes that are right for my body shape, my complexion and my current lifestyle but as I’m looking at it now, is it all in a good order, are the items nicely ironed and is my wardrobe easy to navigate? Probably not! This is where the help of Wardrobe Manager would really benefit me…

Although Wardrobe Management isn’t a service I personally train my delegates on, every now and then a delegate will come through the academy that 100% wants to offer this service to her future client base. Take my gorgeous, chic and French Marine Courreau, prior to training with me, she’s been a house keeper for several high net worth individuals including some very well known celebrities, for years she’s managed their wardrobes, making sure items are correctly cared for, ironed and placed in a chronicle order which makes getting dressed an easy as possible a task for the home owner.

All sounds great but for years Marine said so often she’d look at these amazing designer items in these wardrobes but when the lady of the house (if that’s the right term) would wear them more often than not, they just wouldn’t look so great on! This took Marine on a journey into the world of Personal Styling, she found me and as they say the rest is history! Now she knows it doesn’t matter how expensive an item is, if it doesn’t suit your body shape or colouring it’s just not going to work…. Now I’m proud to say Marine is a fully trained personal stylist and she’s the girl you should call for that additional help on how to actually place and Feng Shui your items of clothing. Not only will she advise on what’s no longer serving you from your existing items, she’s take you shopping to buy you your most flattering pieces and then manage how you place and store them. So for all you time poor people or slightly messier people who could do with that deeper cleanse, give Marine a call.

For all you ladies that want to try a bit of wardrobe management yourself a couple of tips would be:

1) For all the clothes you no longer wear but hold great memories with, why not create a memory box/suitcase? So you don’t give these items away you just pack them away and bring them out when you’re feeling nostalgic.

2) For all your holiday clothes, why not leave them in your suitcase, ironed and ready for your next trip.

Ask yourself are you wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time? If that 80% of the wardrobe is just taking up space then it really is time to book in a wardrobe styling session!