We think every stylist has got their ‘thing’, something they are passionate about and cannot wait to share with their clients.

With Trinny and Susannah (who inspired us so much back in the day) it was their obsession with spanx. They believed every client should invest in good underwear that supports and flatters and we definitely think they were onto something…as we have totally adopted that mindset too.

Then take Gok Wan, he definitely has a ‘thing’ and it’s with belts…he adds them to every outfit! (For the record only a couple of body shapes can really pull off a belt but we’ll save that subject for another day!)

So what’s our ‘thing’ at Style ME?

Well, it’s simple…we adore the power of Red.

Why Red you ask?

Well it’s simple really. When Nisha completed her Colour Analysis training way back in 2007 she not only discovered the power of what dressing in your seasonal palette can do for you, but on her journey as a Personal Stylist she discovered that there is a ‘right red’ for all the seasons. Being a huge fan of red lips (you’ll rarely see her without) she decided to experiment with finding the perfect red lipstick for her Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer clients.

It was at the end of her client’s colour analysis session that she started to get them to experiment with their newfound knowledge of their seasons colour palette and the easiest way to get them started was by getting them to try on their perfect shade of red lipstick.

We all know that wearing red is a pretty confident thing to do, but when you wear ‘your’ perfect shade of red it’s most definitely a wow moment and that’s what happened at the end of the colour sessions with our clients and it’s what we’ve become known for…and trust us when we tell you that it really is transformational.

But it’s not all about lips. We think everyone should be able to pull off a red outfit so we like nothing more than seeing what red shades are out there in the stores for our clients.

When shopping for our ‘winter’ clients we are looking for a true primary red as they are the season that can pull off the brightest, truest form of red due to their strong colouring.

Our ‘winter’ clients red is a bright bold letter box red…

With our summer clients we are looking for the same true shade of red but in a softer more delicate shade with white mixed through it to make it more muted.

Our ‘autumn’ clients have a yellow undertone in their skin tone so their perfect shade of red is muted with a slightly orange tone.

Our spring clients are similar to the ‘autumn’ in that they have a yellow undertone, but their red is brighter and stronger.

So, as you can tell, we are huge fans of red and where our knowledge really comes into play with our Asian brides. Their traditional look for their bridal gown is red and we can help advise on the perfect shade of red that is going to be the most flattering for their skin tone. Just as with Asian brides, we help with any bride looking for their perfect shade as there is even a right shade of white for all the seasons and what can possibly more important than getting your colour right for your wedding day?!

We hope we’ve convinced you that pulling off red with confidence is something that is available to anyone…even if you just start with red lips.

For more information on booking in for a Colour Analysis session to find your perfect shade of red with a Style ME Stylist click here.