Have you ever wanted to hire a personal stylist but fear got in the way? Did you think she’d make you look so different that your friends and family wouldn’t recognise you? Or that the looks she’d put you in just wouldn’t be repeatable or practical without her guidance? Isn’t that what we are shown in all those makeover shows?

Well let me dispel any misconceptions. A good personal stylist does the total opposite. The beauty industry today in my opinion is what’s making us look unrecognisable, not the personal stylists. The days of embracing your natural beauty with a bit of extra help with makeup and hair dye seem to be behind us. The new trends of hair extensions, micro bladed eyebrows and false lashes seem to be the norm for so many women and more unfortunately young girls. I’ve probably done over 500 colour analysis sessions, and when I ask clients to take off their make-up so many of them now say they cant as it’s all fake! Resulting in so many women just looking like clones of each other, hiding their natural beauty.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting glammed up on special occasions, I wouldn’t say no to false eye lashes or some added hair extensions if I wanted to make a real statement but I don’t think we need to look that made up every minute of the day. I also have some clients that have no eyebrows at all and complain drawing on their eyebrows is so frustrating and time consuming, so of course I would suggest a little micro blading but more often than not, micro blading eyebrows that are too thick or too dark simply won’t look like a natural extension of you and unfortunately because the effects last around 5 years, you’re kind of stuck with them!

With the help of a colour analyst though who will advise on what your most flattering colours, your natural beauty will be enhanced; you’ll look more radiant, your features will stand out more, your eyes will look brighter, your skin will look firmer and any wrinkles and fine lines will be less visible. Not only that once she knows your skin undertone whether its warm or cool, she’ll be able to advise on exactly what colour you should dye your hair and just how dark or light you can go and all this will guarantee to make you look younger. All you have to do is commit to wearing those colours, which is a lot cheaper and far more low-maintenance than adding on anything fake.

Take a look at the example above. Here’s the lovely Ewelina:

On the left this is her wearing unflattering autumnal colours, false lashes, extensions in her hair and with heavy micro bladed eyebrows.

At the end you can actually see her natural beauty when she’s taken it all off and worn makeup in her right palate of light cool and muted tones, she’s a summer not an autumn as she had previously been dressing. How stunning does she look?

She’s so disappointed she’s spent a small fortune on her micro bladed eyebrows and hair extensions that are too dark for her but she’s already booked a hair dresses appointment to fix her hair. Her friends and family and most importantly her husband are thrilled at her transformation and she can’t stop thanking me, but all I did was show her how to be herself and love and embrace her natural beauty. The results after a colour analysis session are always the same: Radiant and youthful skin.