It’s that time of the year when the Christmas party invites have started to come in. I don’t know about you but I think this year we’re really going to be partying! Even if we don’t want particularly want to, fashion from the catwalk to the high street is demanding we get involved. You just have to look at any shop window and it’s screaming out “let’s party!” There’s sequins, velvet and ruching all on one outfit, there’s 80’s inspired little black dresses full of embellishment, we’ve got shoulder pads then off the shoulder and let’s not forget to throw on some animal print… yes girls this year, less definitely isn’t more! But before you go and splash out on a new outfit or two, we at Style ME insist you follow our 5 key styling rules to buy your perfect party look.

Ask yourself:

1) Does it have to be black?

Yes I know we all associate dressing up with the colour black but if you want to be a little different from the other ladies all rocking up in their LBD’s then why not consider wearing a different colour? If you’ve had your colours done, you will already know that black might not be your most flattering colour so don’t wear it just for the sake of it. Instead wear a colour that will make you radiate. For all my summers out there, wear silver or purple, autumns wear this season’s brown or teal, springs why not shimmer in some gold and winter’s a deep midnight blue is a perfect alternative to black.

2) Are you standing out for the right reason?

For all you adventurous ladies out there that want to stand out from the crowd, make sure you are a show stopper for the right reasons. We can all get carried away thinking, if we can’t wear a gold sequin dress at Christmas time when else can we wear it? But please before you make a massive statement make sure the colour or print actually suits you. The goal is for people to do a double take of admiration not for people to be blinded by your look. So I insist you get your colours done to find out what your skin undertone is, trust me it will make all the difference, your choice of colour will then be a natural extension of you.

3) Does it have to be a dress?

For all my non-girlie girls out there, I hate to say it; I honestly don’t think this is the year you can get away with wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a sparkly top. Everyone will be expecting you to dress up! But don’t despair, you don’t have to look like you’re going to an 80’s fancy dress party you can totally amp up the sophistication. I personally love the smoking jacket or tuxedo suit look, just sex it up with a lace camisole underneath and add some texture so it doesn’t resemble your work blazer, think velvet or why not wear gold or silver? If a smoking suit is too much, then wear a jumpsuit.

4) Does this style actually flatter me?

With all the sales that have come around early please don’t be tempted to buy into a trend just because it’s got it a 20% markdown – you will always regret it. You simply must buy the item because it flatters you! Ask yourself will this outfit get the reaction: “OMG you look amazing” or will you get “I like your top” there’s a massive difference in both comments, the first one is saying your outfit flatters you perfectly you and the second one is saying you’ve got good taste. Remember it is all about dressing right for your individual body shape and colouring, that way you’ll always get the compliments and feel amazing and more importantly comfortable when you wear it time and time again.

5) Will I wear it again?

If you are going to buy a new dress or outfit remember it should not just be for Christmas, ask yourself when this trend is no longer in fashion will I still wear it? Remember if it actually suits you, it will always be in fashion for you. Every outfit (apart from your wedding dress) should be able to be worn again… think could I wear this to a wedding or on holiday or another special occasion? Nothing you buy should be a one-occasion option or worse an impulse buy that stays in the back of cupboard with the price tag still on!

If you want any advise on how to look like the belle of the glitter ball, please get in touch!