Referring to himself, Judge Rinder wittily said: “Men have come out of lockdown as either a hunk, chunk or a drunk.” After lockdown one, a lot of men could relate to that comment, but I think it’s safe to say now at the end of lockdown 3 – that statement couldn’t ring truer!

Sadly, I’ve seen more chunks than hunks out there, to no fault of their own. With lockdowns extended gym memberships, dressing up for the office, dates, and nights out and have been replaced with Zoom calls in your joggers and Netflix and Deliveroo. But as of May 17th, life is back on and it’s time to get off that sofa and dressed for the occasion again, be it work, dating or nights out with the boys.

Now is the time to revisit your wardrobe and for men it’s no different to women, follow these 3 steps and ask yourself:

  1. Does it still fit? – There’s no point in keeping an item in your wardrobe if you are no committed to fitting in to it again!
  2. Does it suit my new lifestyle? – With working from home more feasible now, do you really need all those suits and shirts?
  3. When did I last wear it? – If you haven’t worn an item in the last 2 years (the one year rule no longer counts) then chances are you won’t be wearing It again.

Now really is the time for a fresh start, and if you’re like any of the men that have been calling in us this month confused and even a little anxious about how to style yourself, trust with Style ME you’re in safe hands, we know exactly how to build you your individual Foundation wardrobe of key items that can be dressed up or down, day to night, smart to casual.

We follow a 3 step process:

  1. Colour Analysis – To find what are your most flattering colours.
  2. Wardrobe Styling/Edit – To see if your existing items suit your existing shape.
  3. Personal Shopping – To buy you what you’re missing either Virtually or via an accompanied Instore visit.

Please don’t hesitate if you want to know more how the services work.