Have you been toying with the idea of booking a personal shopping trip? You’d love some fresh new clothes and with the help of a great local personal stylist she’ll be able to work her magic right? But no, now the doubt creeps in, where in your small town, where the shops and brands are so limited will she possibly take you?

Wait don’t despair, this is the exact time to visit the fashion capital of the world and book a personal shopping trip in London! Yes London, where the brands and collections are limitless – whether your budget is Zara or whether you’re looking for limited editions by your favourite designers – London simply is your one stop destination. Why? Because the collections are just so vast! No matter what your taste, size or style you’ll find everything you need and want.

The downfall of course is that there will be too much choice and you could find yourself overwhelmed and either buy the wrong things in haste or simply not know what’s the right shopping centre for you. Yes Selfridges has been voted the best shopping centre in the world (yes world!) year after year and yes Westfield is the biggest shopping centre in Europe but if you don’t know how to navigate within these stores, it will feel like you’re in a maze. This is when booking a Personal Shopper from London becomes the missing link.

Your Style ME stylist will know exactly where to take you because she would have researched your brief, your requirements, your lifestyle and your budget prior to the session so there will be no wasted time rummaging through rails of clothes going from one location to another… instead she’ll save you time whilst showing you the best kept secret shopping locations where the queues are small and the service is impeccable.

Most importantly she’ll save you money and stop you from buying any impulse purchases. If you’re staying in a hotel in London she can even meet you prior to the session to work out your most flattering colours via a colour analysis session. During the personal shopping session she’ll educate you on exactly what suits your body shape, knowing exactly what trends to embrace and which to avoid. She’ll be friendly and inspirational sending you off home (after a glass of vino or two) with a spring in your step being the envy of all your friends when they see your amazing new clothes…

But if coming to London alone feels a little lonely why not bring a friend or two or even your mum who’d love some extra time with you…we offer amazing VIP packages that are amazing gift ideas, where we not only shop with you but organise your stay and book dinner reservations and pampering sessions at some of London’s most exclusive spots. The best part about being in London is there’s something for everyone so let Style ME be your fairy godmother who already know exactly what’s perfect for you.