Have you ever really wanted to book a Personal Stylist but talked yourself out of it, thinking you don’t want to get used to having such a good thing and the fees that come with it? It’s a little bit like hiring a personal trainer, you KNOW you’ll get the results but don’t want to be in a situation where you won’t be motivated to work out without them?

I know plenty of clients that prior to being styled by me, simply couldn’t shop without their previous stylist, which of course became an expensive habit. This is where we at Style ME differ. Our ethos is to teach you everything you need to know on how to dress yourself, (in particular how to dress your body shape), so that after one personal shopping session alone you’ll be able to style yourself to perfection, without our help.

During this pandemic I’ve had plenty of clients that have wanted to use this time to really understand what’s working for or against them. Most people haven’t needed to shop for new clothes for work, holidays or nights out but it doesn’t mean they won’t be shopping again in the future. They want to clear out what’s not working in their existing wardrobes and then be prepared for when life returns to normal.

With the Virtual Styling that we offer, I’ve also been doing hypothetical personal shopping sessions with clients:

Step 1: I work out my client’s body shape via our unique Style ME formula.

Step 2: I send my client a detailed presentation on how to dress their shape, showing visual examples of good and bad styles. Explaining to them, that these rules won’t change in the future unless their shape drastically changes. This is the presentation they can refer back to in the future.

Step 3: I shop for my client online within their desired brands, without any obligation to buy any of the looks, I just show them their flattering styles.

Step 4: I’m on call/ What’s App for when they’re shopping in the future and they want to double check it’s the right style for them, at no extra cost!

With the rollout of the vaccine coming soon you will most definitely want to shop again, but no one wants to waste money on the wrong styles, so be prepared, clear out the old and let’s bring in the RIGHT new.