These past few months I’ve been styling a new growing demographic for me, Gen Z. (That is 10 to 25 years olds, in case you were wondering). What’s surprising me most though is that it’s not the pushy parents that are booking my services for their children, but the teenagers booking me themselves!

These kids know what they want. Take my client this week, 17-year-old Lisa, is currently doing her A Levels and is planning ahead for life at university. She wants to feel and look her best and walk into her new adult life full of confidence. She asked her parents to book a styling package with me for her Christmas present, that included colour analysis, wardrobe styling, personal shopping and a hair consultation.

When I went to do her colour consultation, I was expecting to meet a shy girl, who lacked confidence, but instead I met a charismatic young woman, who knew exactly what she wanted. Not only had she prepared a whole presentation for me, that included mood boards and look books but she had already thought about the sustainable brands that she would be comfortable shopping in.

I was so impressed, I actually wanted to offer her a job! So, you might wonder, why did she even need my help? And it’s simple. She knows the direction she wants to go in but doesn’t have the map. As her personal stylist, I will have her dressing in her most flattering colours and styles and help her build her mini brand…

The confidence she will get from knowing what suits her will help open doors for her wherever she goes in the future, from dates, to interviews and will also help her make the right decisions at make-up counters or at the hairdressers…

All I’m left wondering is, where was my personal stylist when I was her age?

Nisha X