Be honest with yourself how much of your ‘getting dressed’ time is taken up by you:

1) Staring at your ample clothes and concluding you still have nothing to wear?
2) Desperately rummaging through your wardrobe looking for that one particular item, only to find a stain on or it or to find it needs a good iron?
3) Realising the outfit you had in mind no longer fits!

This no doubt leaves you frustrated, rushing to get ready and out of the door, disappointed that once again you’re wearing the same old thing, despite owning so many clothes! This is known as the 80/20 rule; where you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. Sound familiar? Don’t worry you are not alone…

Now imagine how would you feel, if instead, you opened your wardrobe and could clearly see:

1) That everything in there flatters you: your complexion, your body shape and your lifestyle.
2) Exactly where everything is placed because there’s a clear order to the items that you own.
3) That by mixing and matching your clothes you’re never short of new ideas of clothes to wear to work, on nights out or casually over the weekend, regardless of the season?

This is known as having a Capsule Wardrobe and one of the main benefits is to save you precious time; precious time that could be spent elsewhere or on even trying out a new hairdo or make up style during your ‘getting dressed’ time. Seeing as getting dressed is what we all generally do early on the day, doing that task with ease or dare I say it with excitement is enough to put a spring in your step that can carry on throughout the day!

So how do we create this? We hire a Personal Stylist! All of our Style ME Stylists have been trained to create any of their clients a Capsule Wardrobe regardless of their age, size and lifestyle and the process is always the same, they will:

1) Show you your most flattering colours and eliminate the not so flattering from your wardrobe.
2) Educate you on how to dress your body shape and will eliminate the not so flattering items for your shape from your wardrobe.
3) Advise on any missing key items that will link your wardrobe and looks together.

Fear not by ‘eliminate’ I don’t mean dispose, what you do with the unflattering items is totally up to you; we just remove from your wardrobe space.

Then if a shopping trip is required because you’re now equipped with the formula as to what suits you, you’re no longer wasting time rummaging through rails of clothes or spending time in a fitting room trying on clothes that probably will never suit you, no matter how much you like them! Instead you’ll be:

1) Walking past clothes that are not in your flattering colour palette.
2) Following the rules as to what items to try on based on what actually suits your body shape and complexion.
3) Calmly trying on items and looking at yourself in amazement as to how everything you try fits like a glove and flatters you perfectly!

All of our Style ME Stylists have been trained and vetted by me personally, everyone of them can create you a capsule wardrobe in less than 2 hours and the reason why I know this is because there first task post training is to create their very own Capsule Wardrobe. They simply must follow the rules in order to walk the talk; so you’re always in safe experienced hands with our girls.
If you’re frustrated with the amount of time you’re wasting with your wardrobe, there’s no better time to book yourself a Personal stylist

Here’s our Style ME stylist Sacha creating her very own: