Here we are in Lockdown number 3.. How’s your hair looking? I’m actually growing out my bob and it’s at that stage (finally) where it’s comfortably going into a bun… As for my highlights, they’re conveniently tucked into the bun, out of sight, out mind, thankfully, because they’ve totally outgrown, have faded and against my black roots my hair resembles a Duracle battery! I’ve managed to get an appointment with my hairdresser for the 11th March and I can’t wait! Whether lockdown is over by then is another matter?!

During the 1st and 2nd lockdown so many women had to resort to dying their own hair and I met plenty of these women when the lockdown was lifted and they came to get a Colour Analysis session with me. Boy did I see some sights! How could they get dying their own hair so wrong? I guess because buying a hair dye from a packet, presuming you’re going to look like the women on the pictured box is no different than buying an outfit online thinking you’ll look the model on the screen! You have to really know if that colour will work for you before you take the plunge.

As a Colour Analyst I can honestly tell you the main thing you need to know is whether you have a cool or a warm undertone. Two blondes couldn’t be more different in hair terms and two dark haired women also couldn’t be more different when it comes to working out their undertone. It really isn’t the case of one shade fits all! Putting an ash blond hair dye on a golden blond will look awful, her complexion will look grey and will age her and put a golden-brown tone on a woman that needs ashy tones will dull her face and making it look chubbier and undefined.

The only way to truly know what your skin undertone is, is to get your ‘colours’ done. We need specially selected drapes and daylight to work this out. But the best thing is once you know what your undertone is, you’ll never be confused again. Whether that comes to buying makeup or hair dye you’ll never get it wrong because your skin undertone, (whether your warm or cool) stays the same throughout your lifetime.

We truly don’t know how many more lockdowns we’re going to have to endure, so I urge you to get your ‘colours’ done once this lockdown is lifted so you can confidently dye your own hair knowing exactly what colour dye to buy whenever or wherever you are.