It apparently takes seven seconds to make a first impression and if you’re going to a job interview, you definitely want that first impression to be great! First impressions can be broken down to how you’re dressed, to your handshake, to your voice and tone, to even how you raise your eyebrows and how much eye contact you give… so there’s a lot more than the accomplishments listed on your CV to consider.

Most Personal Stylists are used to dressing their clients for that all important interview. It’s our job to understand what workplace/industry you’re applying to and then to dress you accordingly, so that you’ll not only feel super confident in your outfit but you’ll also get that approving look from the interviewee as they do that all important up and down glance.

But how are you supposed to make a great first impression when your interview is taking place via Zoom or Skype and only the top half of you can be seen? There’s no checking out/validation of your shoes, bag, perfectly coordinated suit or even your perfectly manicured nails!?

This is where I’ve been telling my recent clients; the colours you wear are going to be even more pertinent and Colour Analysis is crucial. When we can only judge the top half of people, hair colour and make up becomes a priority. The wrong choice of colours can drain your complexion, overpower you, dull you and age you so you don’t want your interviewee to be put off as they observe you only waist up….

By wearing a flattering-coloured blouse/shirt, make-up and hair colour you’ll definitely look more radiant and youthful, this much your Colour Analyst/Stylist can guarantee; the lighting of the room, the positioning of the camera and of course the content of your CV is up to you.

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