It’s been a busy few months of styling and as September is approaching I’m finally looking forward to some down time. August is the one time most personal stylists will avoid any personal shopping work as none of us love rummaging through rails of end of sale clothes that no one wants!

If there was ever a perfect time to book a Colour Analysis session though it most definitely would be now. With the long bright summer days and because we need plenty of natural light to get the best out of the session you can easily book a session in after work (last appointment would be 8pm vs. 3pm in the winter months!)

As I tell everyone Colour Analysis is simply the service I enjoy the most. I love seeing the immediate positive and negative effects the drapes have on my client’s complexions but what I love most is seeing their reactions! They’re usually in disbelief that they could look so much younger with more radiant, healthy and firmer skin just by wearing the right colours. It’s as if I’ve just let them into a secret world and they’re shocked, wondering how comes it’s taken them so long to find the key.

At the start of the session I tell every client the rights colours can:

  • “Even out skin tone.
  • Diminish lines, blemishes and dark circles.
  • Help the complexion to look more radiant.
  • Bring definition to the features.
  • Impart a general look of well being”

And although they nod with appreciation I know deep down they don’t really believe me, that is until they see it with their own eyes… and that is when the reviews and recommendations just keep on coming…

“My friends bought me a colour analysis session for my fortieth birthday and it was quite simply the best present ever! We spent a wonderful session with Nisha who was so passionate and kind that she made it an absolute joy. The session was a total revelation as to what a difference it made to how you look and how you feel! I would recommend this to absolutely anyone, I just wish I had had it done years ago and saved myself thousands of pounds in fashion mismatches! Tried it out the very next day selecting the yummy green from the Summer palette and the first person to see me said wow you look amazing and I nearly laughed as I could hear Nisha’s voice saying that’s the reaction you want “you look amazing as opposed to what a lovely blouse! Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon.” Gilles Davis

“Thank you Nisha for a really enlightening colour analysis session. I was so surprised that so many of the colours I would never have chosen made such a difference to my appearance. I hope to use this new knowledge wisely during a wardrobe revamp and in future shopping trips and am looking forward to the difference it will make to my colour confidence. Thanks again.” Andrea Burgess

“I purchased the colour analysis as I felt that I was at a crossroads and my confidence had been knocked due to redundancy. Nisha was friendly and incredibly supportive of my uncertainty during the process as she opened my eyes to the colours I should be wearing. I now have a clear idea of the colours I should be wearing and now when I do buy clothes, it is safe in the knowledge that I am buying the colours most flattering for me. No more mistake purchases! Many thanks Nisha.” Melanie Williams

“Excellent service provided with scientific-like explanation behind how colour analysis works. Nisha goes beyond uncovering your colour palette & offers additional styling advice, such as for hair and lips for instance. I feel that I have hugely been missing out not knowing what my colours were all this time!” Francesca Cabedo

“A friend bought me a colour session for my birthday and it was a great present! I was surprised what a different wearing the right colours made to how I look. Nisha made us feel really relaxed and comfortable and I walked away with priceless insight- how to make myself look great forever, totally worth it!” Lucy Pearson

“I would thoroughly recommend colour analysis with Nisha! I’d been intrigued by the idea of colour analysis for a while and wanted to know what season I was but was struggling to work it out on my own. With Nisha, we figured it out in minutes and the results were amazing. I wasn’t wearing make-up, but the right colours brought out my natural skin tones and made me look really healthy. I realised I had been wearing overly bright colours that were dominating me; whereas the summer tones I discovered really bring out my eyes and natural complexion. A huge plus point is that once you know your colours, they all go together, and you can choose outfits that look really well put together. I feel more confident knowing what colours suit me and I am discovering all sorts of colours and shades for the first time. Shopping feels new and exciting and making decisions is so much easier. It’s been a fantastic experience and I’m so glad I did it.” Jessica Perdue

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For the month of August – Colour Analysis sessions have been discounted to £75 from £150! Quote: Summer Days to get your discount.

Hurry before the long days fade!