Finally there’s a new ‘IT’ colour in town and it seems to have come out of nowhere! Brown! That’s right girls it’s time to push all that grey and navy to the back of your wardrobe and make room for the colour of the season: ‘Brown’! The colour brown has had a facelift and in my opinion it’s long overdue. I’ve been a colour analyst for nearly 15 years and I can assure you ‘brown’ is the most flattering colour for all my ‘autumns’ out there because unlike black which can often be way too harsh and dare I say it ageing on ‘autumns’ brown has a magical effect on illuminating their skin in a rich, sophisticated and dewy way, so I’m all for it!


So how better to tempt you into wearing brown than by asking you to think of it as a rich creamy ganache, or hot chocolate, velvety smooth. I personally love the head to toe look of brown, maybe a brown trouser suit over a silk or satin or even sheer blouse to add some lux appeal? If head to toe brown is too much for you, then you can always mix different shades of brown or colour block with other autumnal colours. Brown looks great mixed with camel, teal and mustard and if you really want to add a pop of colour then add some rich orange hues to the look, but be mindful not to over do it otherwise you’ll look like you’ve come straight of 70’s fancy dress….


The fashion industry has perfectly timed this arrival of brown… it’s autumn so of course we’d be happy to buy some brown accessories… brown boots, a brown bag, or even a brown coat is so doable but brown evening wear? Can you really see yourself in a brown evening dress? When I do colour analysis sessions and tell my autumns the LBD – Little black dress in no longer an option for their go to evening wear and I can always see the dread in their faces as if I’m going to insist on them going to the ball in brown  I assure them that’s not the case and instead tempt them with a deep purple or teal dress but now maybe this Christmas party season I will actually be encouraging my autumns to buy that brown evening dress?

Well if it’s good enough for Zindaya who looked stunning in a brown couture dress for the Oscars 2018, followed by a brown leather dress at the MTV Movie Awards in the summer that it’s good enough for us! Zara have got a stunning brown silk satin slip dress with lace trimming, that paired with gold jewellery and pop of deep red lipstick will look stunning on my autumns and most importantly will make them stick out from the crowd of the usual suspects wearing black…


But wait before you all go and invest in a brown leather coat and change all your makeup to warmer brown shades please know that brown comes with a massive warning. Firstly brown could just be a fashion faze so in a couple of years could look rather dated but most importantly if you don’t have a warm undertone (ie if you’re not an autumn or spring) brown can make you look yellow, almost jaundice in some cases. That extra yellow on the skin will soften the bone structure on the face, making you look chubbier so you’ll be contouring heavily so get that definition back. So my advice as always is, get your colours done and see if brown is actually in your palatte before making any significant purchases, it’s 100% worth it!

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