“Can I wear prints?” is a popular question all my clients ask me. The answer is always “yes of course you can!” but where you wear them makes all the difference. Prints seem to have the amazing power to camouflage. Just think of how the leopard and tiger camouflage themselves within the jungle with the help of their printed skins.

Unfortunately the same rule does not apply on the body. I often see that the women who want to disguise their heavy bust or their expanding waistline tend to turn to prints as if the print will cover the excess weight. Unfortunately all wearing a print does is say “look at me!” and instead of hiding what they’re trying to cover just highlights it even more. It’s not the consumers fault brands should know better. You just have to look at the brands suited to the more mature lady like M&S, Debenhams and Next and the shelves are full of printed tops and dresses, from animal prints to florals to stripes!

Does that mean everyone trying to look slimmer should avoid a print? Absolutely not! You just have to be mindful of where the print sits, contrary to the belief it has nothing to do with the size of the print or the type of print. For example if you have a larger bottom half you create a slimmer balanced frame by having the fun on the top half of your body by wearing a printed top and a darker plain colour on the bottom, this will keep the eyes drawn away from the heavier bottom half or vice versa if you want to draw attention to your great legs or fill them out wear a printed skirt or trouser. Everything with effective styling comes down to creating balance on the frame and prints are an amazing tool to create the illusion of just that.

The colour of the print plays an equally important role. Imagine wearing a printed dress but the colours within the print are not your most flattering then no matter how lovely or expensive the dress is, it just won’t get you the compliments. Sure someone might compliment the dress but they won’t be complimenting you. When you get to a certain age that’s what you want people to say is “wow you look great, you look so slim, radiant etc..” By doing your colours we personal stylists will know exactly what colours are your most flattering so we can then advise if those printed clothes are working for or against you! If we then hit the shops we’ll help find you that print that brings out your best features and attributes. So if you love an animal print we’ll find you your most complimentary skin be it the leopard, tiger or even the zebra!

This year fashion has seen the comeback of prints, from florals to folk to butterflies so before you hastily buy that top because you like the print ask yourself does this print really suit me? If it does it will always be in your capsule wardrobe if it doesn’t it too will end up in the back of your wardrobe once this season’s trend of prints fades.