Although I’m not doing that much Personal Shopping during July and August (can’t bear rummaging through rails of sales stock), what I’m inundated with, is Colour Analysis clients. Summer is the time people generally wear more colour and are more intrigued to know which colours actually compliment them, especially if they’re splashing out on new clothes for weddings and holidays.

One thing none of us were prepared for this Summer was this extreme hot weather, this never ending heat wave and although temperatures are no longer in the 30’s it’s still pretty hot and the one question I keep getting from all my clients is “what’s the best makeup to wear in this hot weather?” Now I’m not a makeup artist but can definitely offer the following tips:

1)Keep it Light – When it’s hot your makeup will move around no matter how well you’ve set it, because we’re sweating more and secreting more oils. To avoid creasing and caking you simply should just wear less makeup in the hot weather. So if you’re wearing less it’s pertinent that you wear your right colours, not just for your make up but clothes and hair too… The great thing about getting your colours done is that you actually will need less makeup; less concealer, less powder, less foundation; as finding out whether you have a warm or cool undertone will save you from more coverage, more contouring and more blusher!

2)Set it! – There’s nothing worse than doing your makeup and arriving somewhere and seeing yourself in the mirror and everything’s sliding down  To avoid this, you must prep your skin as well as possible which means, cleanse, tone and then use an oil free moisturizer, (the added moisture in your skin in the summer won’t need a heavy moisturizer). Then use a primer this won’t feel heavy at all but is the key to holding your makeup in place. Once you’ve applied your make-up set it with a powder and to avoid it looking cakey don’t apply it whilst your skin is still wet!

3) Get the right Blusher – To avoid your makeup looking cakey avoid powder blushers in the summer instead apply a cream blush and blend it in well. The biggest thing with blusher is to get the right colour. If you have a warm undertone you need a peachy tone and if you have a cool undertone you need a pink tone. This will make all the difference from you looking chubbier or gaunt, yellow or grey! The only way to know your undertone is to get your colours done but once you know it will save you a fortune on unused products!

4) Keep it sheer not matt – To lighten up your look in the summer, switch to sheer versions of your lipsticks and eye shadows. Lip stains are great as you can always add a lip balm for a softer look. Anyone who’s from a muted season, autumn or summer should always keep it sheer no matter what time of the year and a lip gloss should be your best friend.

5) Experiment with colour – Everyone and everything looks better in the sun so have some fun and experiment with some brighter colours. If you want to know what are your most flattering statement colours get your colours done, a new shade of lipstick can sometimes be all your need to update your summer look.

There’s nothing sexier that red lips against tanned skin, if you want to know what’s your most flattering red lipstick come and get your colours done, I’m offering every client a FREE MAC Red lipstick in their most flattering shade!

Nisha x