AW 21 has definitely arrived. How’s your wardrobe looking? Have you been shopping? What trends have you noticed? One trend you definitely won’t be able to miss is ‘Monochrome’, aka black and white. It’s everywhere and in so many different prints: checks, houndstooth, tartan, gingham, geometric, chevron and of course the polka dot.

I do love Monochrome as it seems like such a wearable trend. But Monochrome comes with a warning; it isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s only ideal for my ‘Winters’ out there. Black and white is the highest contrast of all colours; it’s a strong and dramatic combination so will flatter Winters who naturally have that high contrast with their features, complexion, and hair. Just think of ‘Cruella’, she’s fierce and owns the high contrast of black and white.

For the 3 other seasons, Monochrome is not what I would style them in, as they’ll simply get lost in the print. People will see the print before they see them, and the print will not look like a natural extension of them. There are other better prints to bring out their features.

The only way to really work out what’s your most flattering print is to get your colours done, then you can confidently go shopping knowing exactly what print to buy and what to avoid and the best part, this print will be with you for life not only for this fashion season, it will always look good on you, be it leopard print, florals, paisley or even stripes.

If Monochrome is the print for you, know that nothing looks better with Monochrome than the perfect red lipstick and when you get your colours done, we’ll show you exactly what’s your perfect shade!

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