Is there a part of your body that you are self-conscious of? Maybe it’s a larger bust, or broader shoulders, or love handles or even a curvy bottom? How do you deal with it? Do you pretend like you don’t care and wear whatever you want, hoping no one notices? or do you cover that area with baggier clothes so that no one sees what you’re conscious of?

Both options in my opinion will not make you feel good about yourself or bring out the best in you. At Style ME all my stylists have been taught a unique formula to deal with any insecurity you might have, and we don’t care how big or small they might be. We won’t patronise you and say they don’t exist, no, instead we will give you styling solutions that will draw the attention to your assets and balance your frame.

Take my lovely client Rowan, standing at a gorgeous 5 ft 9, she said due to her height and broader shoulders, she felt very masculine. In fact, she even posed and walked like a man. As an Inverted Triangle, she has broader shoulders but also has an incredible pair of legs. For years (I mean decades) she has been showing off her legs in skinny jeans. When I told her during the Personal Shopping session that she had been styling herself wrong and it was actually the skinny jeans that were drawing attention to her top heavy frame, she was shocked!

I soon got her trying on all the current jean trends, from Bootcut, to Paper bag, to wide legged to Mom jeans and she was amazed at how she instantly looked more feminine and how balanced her frame looked. She bought all the jeans and walked out of the store looking and feeling more feminine than she has ever done, and at 60 years old, better late than never 

Nisha x