Taking a client Personal Shopping is the best part of my job I just love it! I love creating the transformations; buying them clothes that are perfect for their shape and colouring all within their desired budget perfect for their lifestyle. Although I’m excited I can usually sense the nervousness from my client; they needn’t worry though as they couldn’t be in safer hands!

They always ask me “do I need to prepare anything?” and all I say is just wear some comfortable shoes as neither of us will have the time to totter around in our heels! What makes me laugh though is just how far so many of these women take on the word ‘comfortable’ and by that I mean with their underwear! I obviously don’t watch them get undressed but so many of them will say something like “please excuse my underwear” and by that they mean their granny pants and shapeless bras!

Ladies let me tell you something, even if you have the most amazing figure, by wearing unflattering underwear all you are doing is hiding your assets and highlighting your flaws making yourself either look heavier, fatter or even flatter chested!

So the number one rule when you go shopping for new clothes is: Wear the right underwear! (Whether you’re with your stylist or shopping alone!)

Do not under estimate the power of good support underwear, ‘Gok’ has even made a whole career out of it with his program ‘How to Look Good Naked’! By giving women the right underwear (and off course a spray tan), he’s created transformations on screen that has made him a household name. The right underwear is essential!

So many women with a larger bust want to hide it, so when I suggest a push-up bra they almost die “I don’t want them to look any bigger!” But a push up bra doesn’t make them look bigger; instead it just pushes them together and lifts them up so we can finally see that waist that’s been hiding!

And what about the flatter chested girl that turns up in a sports bra? Why would you want your chest to look any smaller? Padding is what you need!

All we want to do at Style ME is create you a balanced silhouette, so if nature hasn’t blessed you with something its not a problem as we create the illusion with the right bra!

Which brings me on to Spanx (aka control pants). I strongly advise that you NEVER try on a bodycon dress without them. (Did you know models (yes size 0 ones) even wear them.
Because as well as holding everything in they create a smooth contour line which will make any dress look effortlessly elegant as there’s no lumps or bumps distorting the silhouette. So don’t feel bad about yourself for needing a pair, they are essential!

Of course comfort is everything so if you’re with your personal stylist she will find you the perfect underwear to suit your body shape as well as your budget (this is what she’s been trained to do), but take this advise from me, next time you’re in the fitting room beating yourself up because something doesn’t look right or doesn’t fit you please take a good look at your underwear and ask yourself if your underwear is a true friend that’s helping you or is it really just bringing you down?

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