Is This For Me?

If you’re a man or woman looking for a new style, Style ME is perfectly suited to you…

“You only get one chance to make that first impression…”

Break Free…

Are you stuck in a style rut, wearing the same old clothes that no longer suit you? Are you always panicked in the morning because you can’t find anything to wear?

We’ll show you how to dress you ‘now’, creating you a fresh, comfortable and stylish look that suits your lifestyle, age and personality.

Flaunt It..

Have you recently gained or lost weight? Are you unsure how to dress your shape?

We’ll show you styles that flatter your shape and size with no surgery or diets needed!

Be Confident…

Are you returning to work? Looking for a new job? Or are you after that promotion?

We’ll show you how the right professional image will give you the confidence to go for that job you want and be taken seriously in the workplace.

Turn Heads…

Do you need a must-have outfit for that special occasion, wedding or Christmas party? Do you have a special date?

We’ll show you how to stand out for all the right reasons and make a great first impression. You’ll feel wonderful when people won’t stop complimenting you!

Save Money…

Do you buy clothes on impulse and realise nothing in your wardrobe goes together?

We’ll help you build a capsule wardrobe: a range of key pieces that create multiple looks, for work, weekend and evening wear. We’ll incorporate your existing items with some quality new pieces, which will serve as investments that can be worn from season to season.

Save Time…

Are you constantly pressed for time? Don’t have the luxury of time to rummage rails of clothes in hundreds of shops?

We’ll show you exactly what’s out there in the shops that’s perfect for you, creating a look in an afternoon instead of several wasted shopping trips.

Have Fun…

Do you want a great day out, where you’ll feel pampered and inspired?

We’ll offer ease of shopping, encourage you try on great new clothes and trends and introduce you to things you never thought you’d dare to wear but in a persuasive, kind, trust-us manner. You’ll leave us feeling special and excited by your new look and as if you’ve gained a new group of friends.