I had a lovely colour analyst client this week, she was excitedly telling me about the cobalt blue outfit she’s planning to wear to a Jubilee party. I told her she should match with a red lipstick, to not only do the outfit justice but to really get involved with the Jubilee colour palette.


At 73 years old, I could see the sheer panic in her face when I suggested it. She said she’s never ever worn red lipstick and the idea of drawing too much attention to herself at her age filled her with dread. I insisted she at least try on her correct shade of red, she agreed, and honestly not only did her lovely blue eyes start to sparkle but as she kept taking a glimpse of herself in the mirror, I could see her confidence was growing more and more. She was thrilled and even more excited about her outfit and the party. She justified it by saying if anyone questioned her, she would simply say “she was just getting into the spirit of the celebrations.”


I know the compliments will keep on coming and she will definitely be owning and rocking her red lipstick in years to come. That’s the beauty of getting your colours done. There are so many different choices of red lipstick but once you know your seasonal colour palette, I will be able to advise you on whether it should be a deep or a light red, a bright or a muted red or a matt or a sheen texture. It will take away the guess work and that self-conscious feeling where you feel too made up, or even like mutton dressed as lamb!


The best part is, there is a right red lipstick for everyone, yes everyone. So don’t wait until you’re in your 70’s to find it!


Nisha x