The one common question I get from all my colour analysis clients is, “will my colour palette change as I age, or if I’ve got a tan or if I’ve dyed my hair?” The answer is, “no, you will have the same optimum colour palette

  • From birth to death
  • Even if you’ve got a tan
  • Even if you’ve gone grey
  • Even if you’ve dyed your hair
  • Even if you’re sick

Isn’t it great to know, that no matter what happens on the outside of you, your most flattering colours, don’t change? Which means you can invest in an item of clothing, or an accessory in a particular colour knowing that, that colour will always bring out the best in you, throughout your life.

Most people buy clothes on impulse or even dye their hair a particular colour because they like the colour, not necessary because it suits them. This is often the panic I witness when they come to get their colours done, asking: “Have, I done the right thing by dying my hair this shade?”

I had a client this week, who dyed her hair purple! “Why purple, I asked?” She simply said, “no reason, I just like the colour, and I’m here because I have no idea what colour clothes will go with my new hair colour!”

Step 1 for me was to find out if purple is in her optimum colour palette or not. Luckily via the help of my drapes, it was clear to see purple was one of her flattering colours. What a relief!

Step 2 was for me to show her all the other lovely colours in her palette and how to combine and match them with her purple hair.

She left the session, thrilled, full of confidence, rocking her new look, and with a few more statement colour options for her next dramatic hair change. She was one of the lucky ones, there’s been plenty of clients who have left mine and gone straight to the hairdressers to fix the mistake they made on impulse. Colour Analysis will always reveal the truth, and the sooner you find out the truth, the better!

Nisha x