Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus. We are different. We are especially different when it comes to getting styled. From the hundreds of Personal Styling clients I’ve had over the years, the main difference I have found between men and women, is that woman want to look attractive, and men want to look distinguished.

Why do they want to look distinguished? Because they want to stand out, cut out their competition, and to make their mark. That could be both at work and at play, impressing prospective clients or potential dates.

This is where Colour Analysis comes in. Often people’s first impressions are from a photo, be it on a dating app or a photo on linked in or in the press. We don’t have time to make a bad first impression. We don’t want to look old, tired, drained, or pale, no we want to look radiant and youthful. Women have the luxury to add more blusher, bronzer, or concealer if they’re looking pale or to do some contouring to make their faces look leaner, but (most) men don’t, therefore their colour choices mean so much more.

Take one of my clients Alessio who came to me over Christmas, he’s an actor and is getting his actor profile shots done this week. These photos are an investment; he must get them right. Getting his colours done prior to the shoot, so that he can confidently wear his most flattering colours is almost a necessity, as a wrong photo could cost him a chance at a future great audition.

Strangely he arrived at mine is an autumnal mossy green coloured jumper, he proudly said he wore his favourite jumper because he liked it, but he couldn’t see that that particular green was making him look dull and heavy on his face, almost jaundice. So often we can’t see what others see because we are biased on the colour itself. It’s only when I pointed this out to Alessio he could see what his friends had been telling him all along about his ‘favourite’ jumper.

Luckily once he saw what his right green (a pine green) did to his complexion, he was amazed at how bright and radiant he looked and how his features were so much more defined in his ‘Winter’ colours. With this new priceless, he’s now well equipped to make that great first impression and close the deal.