Well, that’s not entirely true I am very grateful for TikTok 4 bringing Colour Analysis out of the past and into the future. People are fascinated (especially the younger generation) with the transformations they’re seeing on TikTok when people are shown the dramatic effects on the face when wearing the wrong versus right colours. The number of delegates on my Train to be a Colour Analyst course has quadrupled because people have seen it on TikTok and want to do it as a career, so why am I ticked off then?

Because so many of these delegates have told me, they got their ‘colours’ done by an online company or an App they found via TikTok and that all they had to do was to send a photo of them with no make-up on against a white background and they simply got their right colour palette results!

Spoiler alert, you can’t work out anyone’s colours without specially selected coloured drapes, daylight, and a trained eye. You can have a good guess but that’s all it will be, a guess! And to think people will take their results as gospel and then go out and change their whole wardrobes, and even their hair colour and make up is worrying but not as upsetting as knowing people are parting with their hard-earned money some paying up to £200 for the service!

It’s no surprise then, that when we actually did these delegates colours properly, at least 4 of them were wrongly advised! This made me mad, so I decided to try it out myself. Shockingly I found a company charging only £33 for the service and again all I had to do was send a photo of myself with no make-up on and the results came back that I was an Autumn, when I am in fact a Winter. This company, like many others out there is devaluing the Colour Analysis system and process and probably making a lot of money with a high volume of customers being enticed with a cheaper price point.

Getting your colours done will do wonders for you, so absolutely book a face-to-face session, but anyone claiming to do your colours with just a photo of you, take it from me, (an expert in the field), they don’t have any magical technology behind the scenes that can work out what season you are, they are simply just making a guess!

Instead book a Colour Analysis session with one of my trained Style ME Personal Stylists to get an accurate result, you won’t regret it!

Nisha x