Sceptical potential personal shopping customers often call us and ask: “Why would I pay for your personal shopping services, when I can go to any major department store and get their Personal Shopping services for free?”

My response is always the same. In store Personal Shopping departments are great for a few reasons:

  1. You get a designated time slot with your own Sales Assistant (aka Personal Stylist) who will get a clear idea on your requirements, budget, lifestyle etc.
  2. She/he will then do the shopping around the store for you and fill up your fitting room with items they believe will be perfect for your brief.
  3. You will get a larger fitting room and some light refreshments (hopefully some bubbly) to make the experience as lovely as possible for you.

What’s not to love? Or where’s the catch, right?

  1. Your in store Personal Stylist works on commission, so be mindful she might be selecting higher priced items vs. selecting a cheaper option that would work just as well if not better for you.
  2. More often than not, you’ll feel obliged to buy something even if you don’t like the options, you can blame it on that free glass of bubbles!

My advice would be, try the free services if you have the time, but if you’re serious about being styled to perfection, then call one of our trained Style ME Personal Stylists, who will:

  1. Get to know you, your lifestyle and your requirements and will then do plenty of research across all brands to find the right look for you, within your budget.
  2. Will teach you key rules on how to dress your unique body shape and show you colours that will always flatter your complexion.
  3. Will show you how to create your own ‘capsule wardrobe’ that will always fit and flatter you.

Yes, you will have to pay for this, but I can guarantee it will be the best investment you make!

Nisha x