When clients come to get their colours done, I always ask “What made you want to get your colours done? The answer usually goes something like this… “My friend had her colours done by you and now she always looks amazing, so I had to get your number.” Most of my business comes from recommendations so I’d love to take the credit but if I’m honest ‘Colour Analysis’ as a service (if carried out properly) is what is amazing, I’m just the facilitator!

When you get your colours done, what we are essentially doing is finding you your range of your most flattering colours, not just for your clothes but for your hair, make up and accessories too. A well styled woman who’s had her colours done and then commits to wearing colours within her palette range looks great and keeps on getting the compliments because everything she wears simply goes together. The colours she wears are a natural extension of her. She is wearing the colours; the colours aren’t wearing her.

The easiest way to describe it is; when you’ve got good taste someone will say to you “wow I love your top” but when you’re wearing your ‘colours’ someone will most likely say “wow, you look great, what’s your secret, what are you doing differently?” Now I don’t about you but I’d much rather someone tell me I’m looking great than compliment my shopping skills…

When I did my colour analysis training all those years ago in 2006, my trainer, like many other reputable academies out there, said “it doesn’t matter what you do on the bottom half of your body, as long as the top you wear is in the right colour, you’ll be ok.” But that’s exactly it, all you will look is: “ok”.

As a personal stylist, not just a colour analyst, I want my clients to own a capsule wardrobe, where all of the colours go together and then to mix and match with shoes, make up and accessories within the same colour palette that bring her look to life. This is when she becomes a head turner, whether she’s on the school run, in the office, on date night or even on a Sunday stroll she looks effortlessly stylish. She’s no longer just wearing a different colour top with black trousers (anyone can do that) instead she’s cleverly creating new looks every day where all the items complement each other. As a result she’s guaranteed that the complements will keep rolling in on how great she’s looks and as a plus for me, I’m guaranteed my next client.

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