Isn’t life funny, I had been putting off writing this blog because I just didn’t know where to start but then up pops a message on our Facebook page this week from a dear old client asking if we can help with some styling even though she now lives in Switzerland.

She needs Virtual Styling!

The great thing about styling these days is you can be anywhere in the world and still receive a great one-to-one service as long as you are happy to show yourself on camera and answer questions that help your stylist determine what body shape you identify with.

This week’s Virtual styling client had sought out our services some years ago (pre kids) and fell in love with learning how to dress her enviable Hourglass body shape.

If you’re wondering if there is a ‘best shape’ (there isn’t) but being an Hourglass certainly means you are the most balanced shape.

Now she has come back to Style ME after several years having had two children and she told us that her body shape has most definitely changed…and she wanted help.

She now felt she was more like a circle body shape as she had lost her waist definition and asked if she needed to be re-styled even though she hopes to one day be an Hourglass again.

The answer is yes, you should always dress for the body shape you ARE and not what you WERE or WANT to be.

You don’t have to be dramatic and get rid of all the old items that no longer flatter you, but you do have to be realistic and work with the shape you are today.

So, what happens next? Once we have identified our client’s body shape we will shop online for items that are available to them either in-store or online and they can choose to buy whatever their budget allows. During their consultation they are given all the rules and tips to dress their body shape so whatever they buy going forward will be 100% perfect to show off their best features.

Our Virtual styling service is now more in demand than ever and we have so many clients wanting to be styled from all around the world as they simply cannot make it to London or may find themselves pressed for time and are looking for a quick and easy styling service.

Since we launched Virtual Styling we also have Stylists asking how they can start offering Virtual styling as an additional service so we are flattered that we are seen as one of the few agencies who understand the importance of this fantastic styling tool.

If you are interested in booking a Virtual Styling session with Style ME visit our website:

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