So, let’s begin this blog by saying that the first obstacle we feel the need to tackle when we talk to any new client is how good they feel about themselves. So many clients think they deserve to be styled only when they have reached the right weight, point in their career, or when they have a reason to look good.

This is so wrong and let us explain why.

Firstly, you need to invest in yourself whatever your age, circumstance or weight. Personal styling is just that, it’s personal. We meet every client with a sensitive ear, and we work out what they are hoping to achieve from their styling session. In most cases our clients have called us as they have reached a point where their current wardrobe and buying habits are just not working for them anymore. Perhaps they are starting a new job and need some staples that all mix and match to save them time getting ready in the morning. Or perhaps they used to be bigger/smaller and are struggling with their new size. Or quite often they want to address their professional look as they think this will get them noticed and secure that promotion they’ve got their eye on.

Whatever their personal goals, we always recommend they start by booking us for colour analysis.


Because once you see what colour can do for you, you really do have a breakthrough moment and colour is the answer to so many of the things our clients want to achieve:

  • It makes shopping so easy because once you know your colours, you can ignore half the clothes in store as you know they aren’t in your colour palette.
  • Wearing the right colours makes you look younger and more youthful. For example, there is nothing more aging that wearing black if it is not in your season.
  • You can buy investment pieces in colours that you know will work for you…so if Royal Blue is the current ‘must have’ colour you know you can buy it with confidence and it will always be on trend for you!

One really important client for us when thinking about investment pieces is what should be in a man’s capsule wardrobe. Let’s face it, men do not have make up to hide behind so for them they need to make sure everything they wear is in their colour.

So many men would benefit by buying on of their biggest investments, a formal suit, knowing if it’s one of their colours. We help so many men with their personal styling and it always amazes us how colour is often overlooked when a man goes shopping.

When we met our client Stefano, he told us he was at an age where he wanted to be able to go to his wardrobe and know that everything worked together to take him from casual to professional and every occasion. Stefano was totally open to the idea of Colour Analysis and we worked out he was a summer season.

Once he knew what colours should be in his wardrobe, he then went on to book a wardrobe styling session to identify the gaps and work out what he needed to buy. This is when we identified him as Trapezoid body shape (yes there are six body shapes for men too) and he couldn’t wait to get a Personal Shopping session booked in to get the investment pieces he knew would always be in fashion for him as they would be in his Body shape AND colour.

When is the last time you bought an Investment piece? Would you have felt differently if you’d known it was in your Body Shape and Colour?

Get in touch and see what you could achieve by booking a styling session with a Style ME Stylist.