My right white you might be saying? Aren’t all whites the same? Well that’s the thing they’re not. In Colour Analysis terms, there are in fact 4 different whites, 1 from each season: winter, summer, autumn and spring and one of these whites is perfect for you. So which one is it? Should you be wearing a brilliant white, an off white, a creamy white or an ivory white? There’s not much difference to the eye but each white has a completely different effect on your complexion.

So many women will avoid wearing white, only attempting to wear it when they have a tan but as a Colour Analyst I know it’s not the tan that makes white wearable it’s the right tone of white! I myself am a ‘winter’ and if I accidently pick the wrong white I know that either my complexion will look yellow, my face will look chubbier or I’ll instantly look paler but give me my right white and my skin looks bright, radiant and healthy and my bone structure remains defined.

So when’s the most significant time to wear your right white? When you’re a bride of course! I’ve been fortunate to style so many brides, not just choosing them the right wedding dress but styling them all the way from their engagement party to building them a honeymoon capsule wardrobe and the one thing I absolutely insist upon is doing their colours before the big wedding dress shop.

This is the one occasion when every woman wants to look her absolute best, to walk down the isle radiating and glowing from the inside out! I can guarantee you the dress she wows us in is the one in her right white that also of course highlights her body shape’s assets. So if wedding dress shopping is on your agenda soon, get your colours done now to avoid potentially missing out on the perfect dress for you. Once you know what season you are you can then coordinate the rest of your wedding colour scheme to compliment your white; from the bridesmaids dresses to the colour of the flowers, it will be picture perfect, no filter required!

And what about men? Should they care what their right white is? Absolutely! Put on the wrong white shirt on a woman and she can save it by adding some more blusher or bronzer but men (most men that is) don’t have the luxury of makeup but most own at least one white shirt no matter what their age or lifestyle. The white shirt is without doubt the most versatile item they can own: perfect with a suit for work or with jeans for a casual look so it’s pertinent they invest in their right shade.

As a woman who loves colour and owns lots of it, I would still say my favourite colour to wear is white. I’m sure you’ll agree there’s no other colour that can be described with so many varying adjectives: romantic, sexy, pretty, fresh, bright, radiant, crisp, cool… the list goes on. White is a colour that looks great on anyone of any age, from day to night; casual to formal and any style from cool to classic so surely its time to start wearing your right white all year round not just during your holiday when you have a tan?


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