During any of our Style ME colour analysis sessions we always ask our clients “How do you feel about the colour red?” Why do we ask? Because the colour red is probably the one colour that people are so divided by. When I ask about ‘red’ what I’m really asking is “how do you feel about red lipstick?” From experience women either love wearing it or they put their nose up to it. Dig a little deeper though, like most things, people are only prejudiced about something because they’re unfamiliar with it and when it comes to red lipstick, trust me so many women are just petrified of wearing it.

I myself am the biggest advocate of red lipstick; in fact I can’t remember my life without it! I can wear it any time of the day no matter where I’m going or with who ever I’m meeting. It’s funny women that don’t wear red lipstick always feed back to me that I must be really confident to be able to wear it and this is what surprises me the most, you see I wear red lipstick to make myself confident. I know the moment I put on my red lips I instantly feel more powerful, sexy and feminine which naturally puts a spring in my step, helps me get noticed and as result I feel more confident, what’s not to love?

This is why I always show my clients during a colour analysis session what their right shade of red lipstick is. All my delegates at the training academy are also trained to work out what someone’s right red is. Should it be a bright pillar-box red, a deep red, an orangey red or a muted watermelon red? As always none of these reds look that different on the eye but against the skin, particularly on the lips there’s a drastic difference! I can guarantee you the woman that don’t like wearing red lipstick are the women who’ve in the past have bought the wrong red, worn it and felt like a clown because the red lipstick was wearing them rather than the other way around! Like every colour a woman or man wears, the colour should be a natural extension of them and with red being the brightest, boldest colour put on an unflattering shade and you’ll be so self conscious you’ll be wiping it off in a heartbeat.

I know women come to me to find out what their most flattering colours are but it’s the part of the session when I apply their right red lipstick that I see the biggest confidence shift, they can’t help but keep looking at themselves in the mirror and I can guarantee you they’ll be popping into their nearest MAC store on the way home to purchase it. The feedback I receive is incredible with one particular client telling me she went home on the tube from the session feeling amazing with her new red lips, got chatted up on the train home by a gorgeous man and roll on a few years she’s actually married to him…see I really am your fairy godmother even helping you find your prince…

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