You’ve probably realised by now, we at Style ME love colour! Anyone who gets styled by one of our stylists can pretty much guarantee they won’t return home without some colour in their shopping bags. That’s what getting your colours done is all about, prior to hitting the shops we work out what your most flattering colours are and then we buy you clothes in those colours, it’s that simple. With all these new colours in your wardrobe though an essential companion for an elegant look is a great pair of nude heels. Wearing a nude heel supports the coloured outfit without detracting from it and is also and the quickest way to elongate your legs, so if you don’t already own a pair what are waiting for?

If you’ve ever tried to shop for a pair of nude heels though you’ll soon realise that are plenty of ‘nudes’ to choose from and that’s the frustrating part, which shade of nude is right for you? Is it a rose-beige, a camel or even tanned beige? Most people try to match the nude with the colour of their skin and when they can’t find it they give up or worse buy the wrong shade and then the shoe instead of blending in with the outfit looks odd and sluggish against their skin and defeats the purpose of wearing a nude shoe!

What you need to work out is, with the help of your colour analyst is the undertone of your skin is; is it cool or warm? Once you have that figured buying the right nude is effortless but the only way to know for sure is by getting your colours done. This vital detail of the undertone doesn’t stop at your clothes; it will also help you find your perfect nude lipstick.

We’re all doing smokey eyes now and the nude lipstick does for the smokey eye what the nude shoes do for the red dress it subtly let’s the eyes or the dress have all the attention! Imagine how easy it would it be to go to a make-up counter and let the make-up artist know exactly what you’re undertone is so she can quickly find you your most flattering nude lipstick without all that trial and error, wiping lipstick off sitting under that bright fake light only to go home and realise its still the wrong nude!

Getting your colours done is so much more than finding out your most flattering colours; working out whether your skin has a warm or cool undertone changes everything, you’ll never waste money on make-up that just sits in the bottom of your makeup bag because it’s the wrong shade and you’ll never dye your hair the wrong colour instead you’ll build yourself a capsule wardrobe that will always work for you, because despite everything else changing around you with age, your most flattering colours remain with you throughout your lifetime, from birth to death, even when you’re grey and even with a tan! Take it from me; getting your colours is essential if you want to save precious time and money, I personally don’t style anybody without knowing their colours first!