LBD aka a ‘Little Black Dress’ is one item that surely comes out every party season. But hold on does that mean if you’re advised to not wear black after a Colour Analysis session you can’t wear an LBD?! Not even on NYE? Well, if Style ME have anything to do with it, then no!

I’m not trying to be your party pooper, I’m your very stylish fairy Godmother, who wants you to be the belle of the ball; someone who makes an entrance, someone who people admire for their amazing and unique sense of style, not someone who just blends in with all the other swamp of ladies, dressed in black.

Black on a ‘Winter’ season lady looks amazing because it’s one of her most flattering colours but on the other three seasons black can make them look tired, drained, pale, and even older, so why would you spend ages getting ready to create that effect? Surely you want to look radiant and glowing?

Don’t worry, no one’s suggesting you wear a brown or grey evening dress on a night out, no, instead we’re asking you to be creative. There are so many great colours to choose from. Summers will look amazing in silver, pink and burgundy. Autumns will look sophisticated in bronze, teal, and purple (channelling their inner Grecian goddess). And Springs will look sexy in cream and gold (who can forget Kylie in her Spinning Around video in those gold hotpants?) And if your really lost for colour inspiration, you can always make an entrance in red 

Honestly there are so many different colour combinations available, and fashion right now is almost begging us all to venture out and be bold. If you haven’t got the confidence or you simply don’t know where to start when it comes to buying new evening colours, then why not book a Personal Shopping session with one of our Style ME Stylists who will know exactly what will look amazing on you, wherever you’re going this Christmas and NYE. Don’t forget sessions can also be booked virtually if you want to escape the Christmas rush in stores, with next day deliveries available there’s really no excuse!

Nisha x