The first rule I teach all my delegates at the Style ME Training Academy is to not talk age or size with our clients, not because we don’t want them to feel bad about their age or size but simply because we don’t care what their age or size is, or better put when it comes to styling someone to perfection age and size simply doesn’t matter.

We at Style ME use the same 3 step process, Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping on every client regardless of their age, size, background or lifestyle and we only talk Season (what’s your colour palette?) and Shape (what’s your body shape?). By treating everyone equally no one ever feels uncomfortable.

Everyone no matter what their age wants to look their best and it’s our job as Personal Stylists to help them do just that and bring out the best version of themselves at every age and stage of their lives.

On a personal level, that is why I fell in love with Colour Analysis, it simply makes everyone, no matter what their age instantly look better; by defining their features and bone structure, eliminating dark circles and creating a radiant complexion along the way. Who would say no to that?

Now that we are fully open for business again, it’s been great going back to people’s houses to do Colour Analysis sessions on mothers and daughters, groups of friends, husbands and wives and even fathers and sons and they’ve all been thrilled with the results and the service we provide.

Why not book a Colour Analysis session for you and your loved ones?

“Had a great colour therapy session with Nisha. She put you at ease straight away. Even though I am a mature female of 71 she didn’t make me feel conscious of that. It helped very much with my self-confidence as you do lose a little with age. I am very pleased that I had this session with her. She is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I also think it would make a great gift. Well done, Nisha, thank you very much xx”