If you haven’t worked it out by now, we at Style ME are all about red lipstick! We love showing our clients during a Colour Analysis session exactly what their most flattering shade of red is (yes, not all reds are the same!) and then showing them their perfect shade of MAC red lipstick.

We’ve been doing this for years and we know exactly what this does for their confidence. When you know (not guess) what your right shade it, you simply own it! You don’t look around feeling self-conscious, thinking “is this too much?” No, you rock it!

What people underestimate is what the ‘right’ red lipstick does to your overall face. Miraculously the right red lipstick draws everything together as if it’s a natural extension of you. Eyes instantly look brighter and bigger, your features look more defined, and you look more radiant and youthful (what’s not to love?)

Note, this what the right red lipstick will do, the wrong shade of red will have the opposite effect. The wrong shade of red lipstick can overpower you, drain you and age you because it looks too harsh and draws attention to lines and imperfections which of course will make you feel self-conscious, and you’ll probably be looking for the nearest tissue to remove it!

There’s only one true yet easy way to work out what your right shade of red lipstick and that is to book a Colour Analysis session with one of our Style ME Stylists. Have a look at our testimonials on both Facebook and Google and you’ll see just how thrilled our clients, of all ages feel when they realise, they really do suit red lipstick and simply can’t wait to start wearing it and rocking it!

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