Gold, Bronze, Silver – everyone’s a winner right? That’s how you will feel by booking one of our Style ME Styling packages. With the Bronze Package there’s a saving of £50, with the Silver £75 and with the Gold £100 which can only mean more spending money for clothes 

So how do you choose what’s the right package for you? At Style ME we are all about the 3 key services, in this order:

  1. Colour Analysis – To find out what colours compliment you.
  2. Wardrobe Styling – To see if your existing clothes flatter your body shape and suit your current lifestyle.
  3. Personal Shopping – To buy you items that you are missing from your Capsule Wardrobe.

Here are the package options:

Bronze Package – £250

This Includes a home visit for a Colour Analysis and Wardrobe Styling Session. This package priced at £250 is perfect for women and men who simply want to know what suits them in terms of colour and styles so that they can confidently venture to the shops alone and find what they’re missing.

Silver Package – £375

This is ideal for people who either:

  1. Have already had their colours done and are looking for a wardrobe update and an accompanied personal shopping trip.
  2. Want their colours done and are pretty sure most of their wardrobe isn’t working for them so there’s no point in wasting money in a wardrobe consultation as they already know there’s not much
  3. to save!

    Gold Package – £500

    This is our most popular package as it gives the gold seal of approval for anyone looking for a total transformation. It includes both a Colour and Wardrobe Analysis session and a 4 hour Personal Shopping session. It’s done in 2 sessions, Colour Analysis and Wardrobe Analysis being a home session on the same day, followed by a Personal Shopping trip taking place on a separate day later in the week.

    Just imagine waking up on a Monday morning confused and frustrated with your personal style, not finding anything you want to wear and then by the Friday of that week you’re opening your perfectly organised wardrobe admiring your newly purchased items that all go together and flatter your complexion and shape so effortlessly; clothes you simply can’t wait to wear! It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 when you fully trust Style ME!

    Nisha x