Well it’s that time of the year when we’re bringing our Autumn/Winter clothes to the front of the wardrobe and for many of us despite having lots of clothes we’re still thinking we need to hit the shops and freshen up our look. For some this shop could just entail buying a new coat and some new boots but for others they want a whole new wardrobe and it’s this type of client that keeps us Personal Stylists very busy at this time of the year. Autumn is perceived as the perfect time of the year to invest in ourselves before the Christmas giving/spending on others season arrives.

Unfortunately for many women (and men) despite having a budget for themselves, left to their own devises this doesn’t always end with the best results. Of course this means more clothes in their cupboard and potentially even a new look but whether these clothes actually get worn is a different matter. The main reason is because they are buying into trends rather than buying items that actually suit them and their body shape.

It’s not their fault of course for the last six months they’ve been surrounded by summer clothes and a sales period that seems to go on for months so by the time new AW stock starts to filter on to the rails they’re like a kid in a sweet shop! Clothes are freshly steamed/ironed hanging off the rails and this of course is the perfect temptation for any impulse buy. What always amazed me when I used to travel to work on the tube all those years ago was just how ready for AW women on the train used to be, it always felt I was the last to get the memo that Autumn was actually here and that’s coming from me a personal stylist! So I can only imagine the amount of clothes envy women still have and it’s those frustrated trips into Zara at the end of a tiring day that usually end up as the clothes that hardly ever get worn.

AW17 to me has seen a drastic change in trends, long gone is the body-con dress and pencil skirt instead we’ve seen the come back of the midi floaty printed dress paired with thigh boots, the go-to single breasted black blazer has been replaced with a grey double breasted version and where did all those tapered trousers go? Now we’re seeing the wide legged trouser become the new staple work wear. It seems like fashion has kicked the Hourglass frame to the curb and is celebrating the Triangle frame! Well that’s great if you’re a Triangle but what if you’re one of the other 5 shapes are you supposed to just go home empty handed? Absolutely not! What you need to do is work out if that trend is actually for you and if it isn’t find a style that compliments you.

Ask yourself: are my flaws (yes we all have them) being exaggerated in this top/dress? Then ask: Are my assets on show (yes we all absolutely have them!) and then finally ask yourself: Is my frame looking balanced in this outfit? The last question is probably the hardest to answer yourself but is the one that gets you the best results and makes all the difference from being a fashionable woman to a stylish one and given the choice I know which one I’d rather be.

Asking those 3 questions is what all Style ME Personal Stylists have been trained to do so if you want some professional help and advise on exactly what items will not only suit you this season but will always suit you, just get in touch!