I can’t tell you; how many clients come to me and tell me “I’m too old to wear that shorter length, or I’m too old to show off my midriff”. I should say these clients are not ‘old’, they are just in their 40’s!

This is where I have to educate them and say styling has nothing to do with your age; something isn’t appropriate for you because it isn’t right for your body shape and body shapes have nothing to do with your age.

If you have great legs in your 20’s you’ll probably still have them in your later years, my mum is a Circle and has a great pair of legs and at 70 years old, they are still fabulous, so of course she should show them off in a shorter hem line! Understandably, cellulite and varicose veins might be an issue as we age, so we just need to wear some tights or get a spray tan to deal with that issue, but no we don’t need to cover up our legs if we’ve been blessed with a great pair.

I guess a tummy is something that comes with age for many women, especially post kids or when they’re menopausal, but again this is not the case for all women. If a woman is working out every day to tone up her abs, she should be proud to show them off, and perhaps combine a bralet crop top with a sophisticated blazer.

Trust me, mutton doesn’t look like lamb if you show off your assets and hide your flaws in flattering styles for your unique body shape. In my opinion there’s nothing worse than looking older than your time, in age-appropriate clothes that might suit your age demographic but actually draw attention to your flaws.

The key is to understand how to dress your shape and work out what your flattering colours, to keep you looking youthful and trim…and the only way to be absolutely sure is by booking a personal styling package with one of our expertly trained Style ME Personal Stylists.


Nisha x