“Should I stop dying my hair and go grey?” is one of the questions I’ve been asked more than even since the start of Covid. Let’s roll back to lockdown 1, when no one had access to their hairdresser/ colourist, many women decided to go ‘au naturel’ and embrace their natural grey hair. There were two camps, women who felt liberated, grateful for the time and money saved and the other; women who would give anything to get back to the salon.

As a Colour Analyst I’m not a hairdresser, but I do like to give my own opinion on what I feel my client should do with their hair. In my opinion your hair should be an extension of you, part of you, not something that our eyes are blinded by. I believe your hair colour, make-up, choice of clothes and even your accessories should all be part of the same family. Your look should flow, it’s a fine balance of looking like you’ve made an effort without going to too much effort, effortlessly chic is how I would put it. That unfortunately is what ‘going grey’ can so often look like. Like you’ve given up, can’t be bothered, you’re comfortable to look older.

When you get your colours done, the specially selected drapes will work out if you have a cool or a warm undertone. If you have a cool undertone, the colour grey will be in your colour palette; as in, grey is one of your flattering colours, so you can wear it. For these women I think they look great letting their hair go grey, as the colour suits their complexion and enhances their features. For my warmer toned women, I wouldn’t suggest it. as grey hair will make their complexion look grey and harsh, and dare I say it, they will look older.

Having said that, even though some women will look fab going grey, society is not yet that open or encouraging for women to stop dying their hair early and go grey. So my suggestion for those women wanting to go grey, is to go for a contemporary hair style, wear brighter lipstick and accessories to show you do care about your look. Then you’ll be getting a double take from people, who’ll be telling you, how striking you look.

Remember the only way to work out if you have a cool or a warm undertone, to see if grey is your colour or is to get your colours done!

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