So many of our clients come to us after an illness, post chemotherapy or post an operation for example where they’ve had to take so many drugs and steroids that they simply don’t recognize their body shape anymore. They’ve gained weight and their clothes no longer fit them. Maybe they want a fresh start and as we all know nothing signifies a new start better than a new wardrobe.

So in most cases it’s people gaining weight but every now and then we get clients who have lost weight and need guidance on how to dress for their slimmer frame. For example women and men who have lost significant weight post gastric band surgery.  We’re not talking about a little weight loss we’re talking about women and men who have lost almost half of their body weight.

Take my beautiful Nalan for example. Nalan after careful consideration decided to have surgery and lost 9 stones as a result. With amazing results she like so many others in her situation couldn’t wait to hit the shops. For the first time in years she felt like a regular woman happily shopping in all the shops that previously never catered for her size but the interesting thing that happened was after the initial rush of (a lot) of impulse buying she said she felt quite deflated and she wanted to investigate why?

You see half the clothes she had bought she either never wore or didn’t feel quite right in. In her previous mind and body she thought all she had to do was loose the weight and she’d fit into all the clothes and styles she dreamt of wearing but here she was with a wardrobe full of clothes and still left with that feeling of “I have nothing to wear”. This is when she contacted me and the ‘cherry on the cake’ moment happened for her.

I taught Nalan how to dress her new ‘circle’ body shape and ‘summer’ palette. Nalan understood with first hand knowledge that it really isn’t about the size you wear, if you want to look your best and by that I mean, a slimmer more youthful version of yourself you simply must follow the rules on how to dress your shape and colouring.

After doing her wardrobe Nalan text me:

“OMG! I’m just in my wardrobe and I have 2 piles: 1: No longer fits 2: Wrong style and colour. What I’m missing is the pile that says ‘this is perfect’!

I’m happy to say since that text Nalan has now become a Personal Stylist herself and she looks incredible, helping others in a similar situation to what she was in, helping them or their emotional journey to looking and feeling fabulous.  Nalan says she’s actually had more compliments from people since getting her colours and body shape analysis done than she did post losing all that weight!

If you want help in creating a new look or are looking for your own cherry on the top moment, please do get in touch.

Nisha x